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Reel to Real: A special look at The Marshall-Vengsarkar rivalry

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The Marshall-Vengsarkar rivalry is one of the iconic chapters in the history of Cricket. Dilip Vengsarkar is one of the finest batsmen in the history of the sport, while West Indies pacer Malcolm Marshall was one of the fearsome bowlers. The fiery battles between the two have been captured quite well and till date, it remains to be one of the most heated rivalries that have been noted by the cricketing fans. 

Malcolm Marshall had developed an antipathy towards the Indian batter during the 83′ World Cup, which India eventually captured and marked their first win of the title. The animosity between the two top cricketers remained for their entire respective careers and it has been well documented.

Why did Malcolm Marshall develop a bitter relationship with Dilip Vengasarkar?

Dilip Vengasarkar is one of the men of the Kapil Dev’s 83’s World Cup triumphant squad. Marshall had once reflected on the hostility on Vengsarkar. He had said that the Indian batter is the only cricketer he has ever disliked and the only one.

The enmity stemmed from Marshall’s Test debut at Bangalore in 1978 when Vengasarkar’s constant appealing was responsible for him being given out unfairly. The West Indie’s pacer, who passed away due to colon cancer had said that: “It was the day I cried my way back to the pavilion and the day I was humiliated in public. I will never forget the taunts and the disgrace and, possibly unfairly also, I saw Vengsarkar as the main culprit.” He had vowed revenge and in 1982-83, four long years later, he achieved it.

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How did Malcolm Marshall take the revenge?

On India’s memorable evening at Lord’s on that June 25, Vengsarkar was seen with Mohinder Amarnath is running towards the pavilion after plucking out the stumps. He stood on the Lord’s balcony clapping for his mates who had just performed a miracle.

But, it was an injury that forced Vengsarkar to be sidelined in India’s first World Cup triumph. It was Vengasarkar’s second game of the prestigious World Cup in 83′, where the Men in Blue were playing the Windies at The Oval. India were batting at 80/2 with Vengasarkar batting at 32 with Jimmy(Mohinder Amarnath).

India were cruising forward as Vengasarkar’s impeccable timing helped them match the feirce bowling of the Windies. However, it was Malcolm Marshall, having revenge in mind had bowled the deadly bouncer, which hit the India batter’s chin and the wounds had required eight stitches. He was hospitalized and sidelined for the rest of the mega event.

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The memorable moment has been captured in 83′ movie

The much-awaited film of the year, 83 is all set to hit the big screen on December 24, 2021. The Kabir Khan directorial venture stars Ranveer Singh in the lead role, and the film is based on the Indian Cricket Team’s victorious journey of the 1983 World Cup. 83 has actors playing the heroes of the Indian cricket team of 1983 and they are being appreciated by critics for their role.

Famous Marathi actor and the son of veteran actor-filmmaker Mahesh Kothare, Addinath Kothare is also a part of this mega project. For the unversed, Addinath is playing the role of Indian batsman Dilip Vengsarkar in 83.




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