NCA Physios reveal Rishabh Pant’s painful 14-month rehab process

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Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant’s journey to recovery after a horrific car accident in December 2022 has been nothing short of inspiring. The National Cricket Academy (NCA) physiotherapists, who were instrumental in Pant’s recovery, recently opened up about the wicketkeeper’s ordeal.

Pant’s accident resulted in severe injuries, including a right knee injury that required ligament reconstruction surgery, and a fractured wrist, and ankle. The initial stages of his recovery were particularly challenging.

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NCA Physios on Rishabh Pant’s recovery

NCA physio Thulasi Yuvraj recalled an incident where Pant was in so much pain that he started crying. This happened when a ward boy, who was carrying Pant on a stretcher, accidentally hit a pathway. However, the small jerk was enough to have Pant screaming in pain, according to Yuvraj.

“When we came to know he had an accident, our head of sports science, Nitin bhai, basically told us just to go and take care of the initial stage of rehab. The first thing I noticed was that he was having severe pain when the ward boy was trying to push the stretcher towards the room and it slightly hit the pathway. He started screaming with so much pain. It was a simple jerk but it felt so painful, he cried immediately. Then I realised, oh something big has happened,” said Yuvraj.

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Despite the immense pain and the doctors’ prediction that it could take him up to two years to recover, Pant displayed remarkable mental strength. His determination and confidence motivated the NCA physios to give their 100 per cent in the rehab process.

Yuvraj said, “The mental strength and confidence inside him made us give our 100 per cent in doing the rehab part for him. The doctors thought that he may take up to two years. Once he came to NCA, it was like a progressive phase for him,” said Yuvraj.

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Another crucial aspect of Rishabh Pant’s recovery was his attention to nutrition. NCA physio Dhananjay Kaushik praised Pant for looking after his nutrition during the rehab process and said he ticked all the boxes of recovery finely.

“If someone needs to be commented on his nutrition, it is Rishabh Pant himself. If you look at overall things, when we started the rehab and where he is right now, this guy has done a lot of hard work, when it comes to ticking all the boxes.”

After a rigorous 14-month rehab process, Rishabh Pant has been declared fit for the IPL 2024. He has joined the Delhi Capitals camp ahead of their first match against Punjab Kings. His return to competitive cricket, six months earlier than expected, is a testament to his resilience and commitment.


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