Eoin Morgan: We firmly believe that there is no place in our sport for any type of discrimination

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Fingers are being pointed at the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after the racism allegations at Yorkshire County Cricket Club, and Eoin Morgan thinks that these issues need to be addressed head on. Former under-19 captain Azeem Rafiq who is of Pakistani descent accused the Yorkshire Club for racism last year and the ECB is still reeling from its effects. The former club chairman Roger Hutton was forced to resign from his post last year and the ECB suspended the Yorkshire Club from hosting any major cricketing events.

The limited overs captain has very strong opinions about the issue. He thinks that grave matters like this should not be taken lightly and should be dealt with utmost seriousness. Eoin Morgan does not stand for any such kind of discrimination in the sport.

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“I think if they’re matters of an extreme or serious nature like these are, they need to be met head on, and for us as a team, that’s exactly what we want to see.We firmly believe that there is no place in our sport for any type of discrimination.”

According to Morgan the action taken by the ECB showcased the committee’s stand against racism and severity of the matter.

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“I think the actions of ECB board to Yorkshire have indicated how serious they are about dealing with issues like this … obviously those actions speak louder than words.”

Gary Ballance and Ollie Robinson suspended for using racial slur

Apart from ECB handing a ban to Yorkshire, Gary Ballance who was the one that passed racist comments against Rafiq was also suspended. Ollie Robinson, one of British’s fast bowlers also received a suspension sentence from ECB after it was found that he had a history of using racial slurs and discriminating players. Not only that, ollie was also found to have been guilty of using sexist tweets.

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“I think the decision that was taken at the start of last summer in a similar instance with Ollie Robinson is consistent with the board’s decision with Gary Ballance,” said Morgan.

The 35-year-old mentioned that the team is trying to bring in a change. They have been collectively focusing on inclusivity and diversity.


  • Eoin Morgan is against racism and discrimination in sports.
  • ECB bans Yorkshire from hosting cricketing events.
  • Gary Ballance and Ollie Robinson suspended from the game.
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