Centre initiates an investigation against JSCA after corruption and fraudulent charges in 2022

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The Central Government has initiated an investigation into allegations of corruption against the Jharkhand Cricket Association (JSCA) and the Country Cricket Club, which manages the state cricket body’s operations.

All you need to know about the investigation against JSCA

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) issued a directive on March 7, instructing the Regional Director to probe the management of the Country Cricket Club. This decision was prompted by a complaint lodged by Nirmal Kaur, a retired IPS officer and the wife of the late Amitabh Choudhary, former president of the JSCA.

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The complaint alleges widespread corruption, mismanagement of funds, and fraudulent elections following the ex-state body president’s demise in August 2022. Despite Sanjay Sahay serving as the president of the JSCA, Amitabh Choudhary’s family contends that local politicians are overseeing the daily affairs.

Nirmal Kaur’s complaint also implicated Rajiv Kumar Singh, a Patna-based advocate and former director of the Country Cricket Club, with allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest. The complaint accuses the club’s operations of being detrimental to the public interest. It alleges that resources, primarily funded by grants from the BCCI, are being diverted to benefit specific individuals rather than supporting the broader cricketing community.

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The complaint cites instances of fraudulent tendering and irregularities in the election process that occurred in November 2023. It also highlights the misuse of infrastructure at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association Stadium and the exclusion of aspiring cricketers from accessing JSCA resources. It criticises the restrictive membership policies, likening them to those of exclusive clubs, and raises concerns about the lack of transparency in the club’s financial management.

In December 2023, Nirmal Kaur filed a complaint with the Jharkhand Police, resulting in an FIR being lodged at the Dhurwa Police Station. The complaint alleged that certain JSCA office-bearers, along with Rajiv Kumar Singh, unlawfully accessed and removed belongings from the chambers designated for Amitabh Choudhary immediately after his demise.

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