Case Registered Against 8 People After Prithvi Shaw Allegedly Mobbed

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Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw was recently involved in an argument over selfies with fans. The situation quickly turned into a fight with a baseball bat and a car chase in Mumbai, as per a police complaint. Eight people have been named in the police case for allegedly charging at Shaw and his friend, breaking the windshield of their car and demanding ₹ 50,000.

Prithvi Shaw has lodged complaint against them

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Those named in the complaint – two of whom have been identified as Shobhit Thakur and Sana or Sapna Gill – have refuted the charges and accused the 23-year-old cricketer of assaulting them first.

According to the complaint by Mr Shaw’s friend, the fight began at a luxury hotel near the Mumbai airport in the early hours of Wednesday after two fans – a man and a woman – approached the cricketer for selfies. After a few pictures, when they refused to back off and demanded more, Prithvi Shaw called his friend and the manager of the hotel to have the fans removed.

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After being kicked out, the fans waited outside for Prithvi and, along with a few others armed with baseball bats, mobbed Shaw, the complaint said.

In videos circulated on social media, Shaw can be seen on the street at night, in the presence of police personnel. The person filming the video can be heard accusing Shaw and his friends of attacking them.

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When Prithvi Shaw and his friend drove off, they chased the car, intercepted it at a traffic signal near Oshiwara and broke the windshield, it added. They also demanded ₹ 50,000, threatening to file a fake police case, according to Shaw’s friend.

The allegations, however, have been challenged by those named in the case.

Speaking to the media, Ali Kashif Khan, the lawyer for Sapna Gill, has alleged that Prithvi Shaw assaulted the woman.

According to police, Shaw “refused to take a selfie for the second time with two people”

“Oshiwara Police has registered a case against 8 persons over an alleged attack on the car of a friend of Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw after Shaw refused to take a selfie for the second time with two people,” Mumbai Police was quoted as saying by ANI.

Shaw’s last competitive game was against Delhi in the Ranji Trophy in the second half of January as Mumbai failed to make the knockouts.

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